Alexey Spirin

Alexey has an Environmental Protection Engineering Background.

Since 1998 Alexey worked in Det Norske Veritas and led Environmental management system consulting and certification activities. He worked with UC RUSAL plants on ISO 14001 standard implementation.

Since 2006 Alexey has joined UC RUSAL as Climate project director. He has organized GHG Inventory, setting of climate goals, PFC measurements, GHG emissions reporting and measurement system, and running JI projects in accordance to article 6 of Kyoto protocol.

In period 2009-2015 he worked in different Oil, Gas and petrochemical companies as project leader in several projects for improving of operational and energy efficiency.

Since August 2015, he continue to work with UC RUSAL as Head of Greenhouse Gases Emissions Regulation Department.

Alexey is responsible for implementation of climate strategy of UC RUSAL.

He is a chairman of Environmental and Energy committee of International Aluminium Institute and one of the Lead Authors of IPCC for updating of 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Aluminium sector. He is also leading an Aluminium Stewardship Initiative implementation project in UC RUSAL.

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