Anne Stevenson-Yang

Anne Stevenson-Yang co-founded J Capital Research in late 2007 to provide independent, bottom-up research on China’s listed companies and macroeconomy. Her areas of expertise include China’s political economy, Internet, property, and direct-sales, and alternative energy. She also covers global companies in fast-developing industries such as online payments, new energy sources, and automotive technologies

Anne was formerly co-founder of a group of online media businesses called Blue Bamboo Ventures and also founded and operated a CRM software company, Clarity Data Systems, and a publishing company whose flagship magazine is City Weekend. Over 25 years in China, Anne has also worked as an industry analyst and trade advocate. Anne is author of the 2013 book China Alone: China’s Emergence and Potential Return to Isolation, written while she served a guest lecturer at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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