Dr. Yashuang (Song) Gao

Song has 13 years’ experience in research and development, technical support, new technology development and project management for the primary aluminium smelting industry. Her main experience is within aluminium smelting environments in primary aluminium smelters, focusing on advanced process control strategies and innovative technologies design, development and implementation; operational optimisation; human decision making optimisation; automation improvement — all with the goal to improve current efficiency, energy consumption, carbon consumption, operational excellence and work safety. Her project work has allowed her to gain valuable practical experience in a number of smelters and technologies in Australia, North America and China. She manages the projects and clients for centre’s Business in China. Song also leads the design, development and implementation of Gen3 Potline Control and Management System for LMRC. This allows her to gain significant experience of managing complex projects which involves team members from multiple parties with very different cultures. She works effectively and directly with smelter staff from the operators to general managers.

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