Yisha Xue

Yisha Xue worked in the commodity and financial world in the heart of London since the 1990s. She worked in London Metals Exchange’s member company for 3 years and French Bank Credit Lyonnairs for 8 years. She worked for the Alcoa and China’s 30-year long term alumina contract. Yisha set up a commodity brokerage company in 2003, and ever since had successful business results each year. Yisha worked with Alcoa, Alcan, Shwein, Glencore, Gerald Metal, VITOL, etc. She has also worked with producers and traders in the international and domestic markets on FOB and CIF sales. In the recent years, Yisha Xue has handled a large number of alumina warehouse tonnage sales to traders in China. Yisha became freeman of city since this year and will receive the freedom of city on 23rd of July. Aside from trading work Yisha is a member of IOD and National Liberal Club and help with various charities such as Islington Chinese Associations.

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