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16 - 18 NOVEMBER 2021

This is the closest you get to Aluminium in China. We are the only analysts who write on the Chinese market from inside China with a Western point of view.

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Our conference this year brings industry leaders and many sought-after speakers from China and the world. The topics are focused on the long-term outlook for the metal in a world focused on climate change, green aluminum and recovering from COVID-19.

We will take you past the short-term “noise”, we will look at the bigger picture and the role that the international aluminium industry plays in it.

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Peek Into The Agenda

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  1. In many ways, it seems we are on the cusp of an amazing new world. There are all sorts of developments happening, from flying cars to 3D printed human organs, to Artificial Intelligence machines replacing us, to the Internet of Things. What is the world going to look like in 2030?  What are our lives going to be like? What do these future developments mean for aluminium?
  1. What can we learn from the past? On one hand, China has not always enjoyed great success in establishing assets in overseas countries.  Some studies have suggested that as many as one third of Chinese ventures in foreign countries fail. But equally, foreign investment in or about China has also had a rocky road, perhaps culminating in the takeover of Alcan by Rio Tinto in 2008. The past is a tough teacher, but will the future bring new lessons in success, or a painful relearning of the past?
  1. AZ China’s recent White Paper on Green Aluminium raises serious questions about the industry’s ability to truly go green, outside China as well as inside. For as long as a smelter uses fossil fuel sources for its electricity, every other improvement it can make, adds very little to its credentials. Is the end user aware that there is little that the industry can do to eliminate carbon emissions from its existing structure?  The industry needs to outpace the rapidly approaching forces of government intervention and the increasing demands for sustainable metal. Can the industry win this race, inside and outside China?
  1. China has imposed a cap of 45 million tons on its domestic aluminium industry. As the market approaches this ceiling, how will China’s smelters respond? What are their options?  Will the government relax the policy? Will China be forced to import more metal as demand outstrips supply? Will the industry be forced to locate new capacity in other countries?
  1. China’s oil refineries are either switching to production processes that don’t produce petcoke, or using crude oils that make fuel grade petcoke. With demand for anode coke set to rise in the near term, what are China’s options and how will it make enough anodes to meet demand?  What does that mean for the international market? Will China be forced to increase its imports of anode coke, and if so, why should calcined coke buyers bother buying from China?
  1. Technology is increasingly impacting the aluminium process. Is technology providing the answers that the aluminium industry needs? or is the industry being left behind by technology? The industry has everything from energy reduction and modulation solutions to the inert anode but are these enough or does the industry need new solutions on top of these? What are the interesting developments in Norway, Russia, Quebec, the Middle East and China?
  1. Alumina pricing models inside and outside China need improvement. Within China, the SHFE has a plan to introduce an Alumina Futures index. How will this work and what will be the outcomes for the market? Outside China, there are allegations that the API is being manipulated. Is it true, and what will happen?
  1. The rise in sea freight rates this year has caught most people by surprise.  But is it a blip – a reaction after the quiet months of 2020, or is it the start of a new long-term trend in high shipping costs?
  1. China has already established operational assets in foreign countries over many years. In the aluminium sector alone, China has been active in Guinea, Indonesia, Australia and in the Caribbean. Not to mention technology sales to countries such as Kazakhstan and into West Africa. But outbound investment is a difficult path, especially for Chinese companies. There are numerous hurdles to climb, including different labour laws, environmental laws, as well as cultural and language differences. Looking “Beyond the Horizon”, where will future Chinese investment be? Will we see alumina refineries and smelters in Guinea?  Will Indonesian electricity be harnessed for future Chinese plants? What about other places in West Africa, South East Asia and South and Central America?
  1. The downstream sector will be playing a much more important role in the future, as China transitions to a consumer-led economy.  We will start by looking at the consumption sectors and where each of them is going.  As part of this, it is important to identify where the weaknesses are, whether it is in over- or under-capacity, as well as the ability of the downstream sector to reduce emissions as well as make better use of secondary aluminium.
  1. China MUST improve its use of secondary metal if it is to survive primary metal restrictions. What is the status of China’s recycling and remelting capability? If China transitions to increased disposable aluminium, are the systems in place to capture the metal and bring it back into the metal stream? What is happening with China’s regulations on the import of scrap? Is there any sign that China will move to a nationally-focused scrap recycling and re-use reality?
  1. At every AZ China conference since 2008, we have had the leaders of the calcined coke industry come together to discuss the market and industry trends. This year will be no different. CEOs and top-level executives will join this panel discussion to shape the future of our industry: views on green coke supply, China’s demand for coke, Developments at oil refineries and their role in an “inert anode” world, Global supply, demand, quality, and pricing issues.


Attracting people from all over the world to discuss aluminium in China and the future of the industry. Rated as one of the best aluminium conferences worldwide and the best platform connecting the world with China aluminium industry.

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AZ China Limited was established in 2006. Our diverse team is comprised of consulting and industry experts with over 40 years of experience. Although we have a strong aluminium background, we also have expertise in a broad range of sectors, with skills ranging from chemical engineering to economics.

Mr. Paul Adkins is the Founder and Managing Director of AZ China Ltd. and has many years of experience in the aluminium industry. He previously worked for Alcoa, Alcan Australia, and Tomago Aluminium. At the end of 2004, Alcan appointed him to set up its Global Sourcing oce in Beijing. Upon completion of that project, he elected to stay in Beijing, eventually establishing AZ China. Paul has an MBA from University of Newcastle in Australia and frequently speaks at industry-related conferences.

In the aluminium and related raw materials sector, we support our clients through targeted, in-depth market analysis of the primary aluminium, carbon and black products markets. We publish reports and analyses on the aluminium market and all the various raw materials, as well as looking at broader subjects such as how China’s economy might affect the sector, and how Chinese government policy impacts the industry.

We are the only analysts who write on the Chinese market from inside China yet with a Western, smelter point of view. AZ China holds several events each year. Our conferences are well known as being focused on discovery and insight, not just one-way slide presentations. As well, we conduct field trips for selected audiences during the year, taking you inside the industry. Because we have excellent access to the industry players, we can take clients to discover for themselves what is making the industry tick. 

In addition to our regular industry reports, we provide a wide range of consulting services. We specialize in helping Western companies who are interested in entering the Chinese market. We are also able to assist anyone who wishes to purchase raw materials from this dynamic yet complex market. We also provide specialist-sourcing advice to manufacturers and secondary industry purchasing managers who are looking for reliable, high-quality Chinese suppliers. Whether you are selling to China, buying from China or are competing against Chinese companies, AZ China can help you.

In a country where deals and information cannot be taken at face value, having a trusted and knowledgeable partner is paramount. We act on behalf of you, our client. We take no commissions, kickbacks, rebates or secret payments from suppliers.

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