Sinoway carbon, a joint venture between Sinoway Investments and Dubal Holding was registered in 2011 in China. Sinoway is mainly engaged in production and sales of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) and steam as a by-product. Sinoway currently owns and operates two plants in China with total capacity 840,000mt per annum.

Sinoway always take customer’s priority, interests, and value added as the major value of Sinoway’s service during the calcined Petcoke supplying, including but not limited on the guaranteed quality, two terminal loading backup, dusts free loading system, flexible laycan arrangements, on time technical discussion and upgrade, payments terms improving,etc. 

Sinoway is actively committed to carbon neutralization in the next 5 years. Sinoway Forest Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2021. The company will be committed to achieving Sinoway’s goal of carbon neutralization through the treatment of barren mountains and desertification in Northwest China, and will continue to carry out barren mountains and desert greening projects to make its own efforts for the continuous improvement of the ecological environment.

Sinoway has actively donated to local education. It has successively cooperated with schools and universities in various places to set up “Sinoway Inspirational Scholarship” to reward excellent teachers and students and subsidize poor students in the last three years, over 1million USD was donated.