The GAC is a coordinating body that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industry within the Gulf. The council’s main objectives are to provide a forum to develop strategies for common issues and concerns facing the aluminium industry in the region, and to share best practices so as to improve the efficiency of the industry.



AlCircle is the top exclusively aluminium-based web portal in the world that calls itself a Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem. It offers a range of information and business related services along the entire aluminium value chain from bauxite ore to end users & recycling. It intends to provide a one –stop platform for global aluminium players to gain current industry information, take better business decisions, collaborate & conduct business. It also offers an effective on-line communication medium and a platform for promoting web marketing activities for all operators in the aluminium sector. 

International Aluminium Institute

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is the only body representing the global primary aluminium industry.

 Through the IAI, the aluminium industry aims to promote a wider understanding of its activities and demonstrate its responsibility in producing the metal and the potential benefits to be realised through its use in sustainable applications and recycling.

IAI member companies are engaged in the production of bauxite, alumina, aluminium, the recycling of aluminium, or fabrication of aluminium or as joint venture partners in such. The Institute works closely with national and regional aluminium associations with which it shares many members.

The Institute’s vision is for aluminium products that support solutions to global challenges.

The IAI’s mission is to:

  • Actively promote aluminium and its benefits;
  • Reinforce the aluminium industry’s sustainability advantages;
  • Collect and provide industry statistics and tools to enable stakeholders to make informed decisions;
  • Contribute to standards and regulation that encourage wise use of aluminium;
  • Foster improved performance in the industry by:
  • Facilitating collaborative research (pre-competitive) to address key sustainability challenges; and
  • Providing a forum for sharing of best practice;
  • Communicate the views and positions of the aluminium industry to international agencies and other stakeholders;
  • Co-operate with regional and national aluminium associations efficiently and cost-effectively.


Aluminium producing companies are eligible for IAI membership, which brings benefits including access to performance benchmarking data and industry trend modelling, as well as the opportunity to lead and engage in global industry initiatives on issues of common interest.

The work of the IAI is overseen by its Board of Directors, with each member company having a representative at the senior management level, usually chairman or CEO. The Board of Directors meets twice a year, with all members entitled to vote and representation at the Annual General Meeting.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit standards setting and certification organisation. We bring together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain with a commitment to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society. Working together, we aim to collaboratively foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. More information.

Aluminium International Today

Aluminium International Today (AIT) is the leading bi-monthly English language journal dedicated to all sectors and regions of the international aluminium manufacturing and processing industry.

With more than 30 years’ experience, AIT is committed to delivering up-to date global news, events, and statistics, as well as more detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regular regional economic briefings.

The journal has changed dramatically since its formation and now publishes news regularly on its website: as well as a free weekly newsletter, which is sent to the inbox of more than 24,000 industry professionals.

In addition, AIT can be found discussing the latest industry news and views on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn and on the recently launched the Aluminium: ON AIR Podcast, which highlights the challenges faced across the sector and growing green technology trends.


For more information, visit their website: